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Street smarts, for street bikes..

Sport Bikes are loads of fun! They make you feel free, and alive. We are so used to being in cars protected from the elements, comfortable in our seats driving our cars. We often miss out on what it even feels like to ride a sport bike even tho we see them pass buy every day. When riding you feel the cool air, the cold, you experience something! The experience is like nothing else you have ever experienced before.. Freedom!

To start you need to take a class at least two or three days. After buying a bike when you first began, 125cc-400cc size, or 250cc-500cc cruiser bike, or sport bikes, is a good beginners size bike to start off with. You shouldn't get a sports bike with 600cc or 800cc, until you are at least 10,000 miles of experience. Everyone will try to tell you, you can handle it! However it is because they make more profit when they sell those larger sizes at the dealerships. Their interest are merely there pockets getting larger rather than your safety that is at hand! Try to ride and learn on the weekends, to avoid getting into an accident. Get comfortable with your bike, whether its driving it only around the block several time every weekend. Or if your really are not confident, buy a Pocket bike!

Pocket bikes are not street legal, but can definitely help when you are learning to shift gears. So ultimately they are great for learning in the street in front of you house, or at the local track. When you learn to ride, your going to tip over, and it is better to lay an inexpensive sport bikes on the ground rather then a expensive one! Like Touring by Honda motorcycles. Never get too over confident and decide to take someone out for a ride until you reach at least six months of riding experience!Or better yet! If shifting is a problem and a clutch isn't for you, check out motorscooters , they are lightweight motorized bicycles that can be peddled as well as driven by a low-powered gasoline engine. For more helpful information on types of motorcycles and scooters check out, gas scooters with great new features!

 photo of a yamaha sport bike type R6

Photo of a yamaha sport bike type R1.

Honda sport bike CRB 600RR

Suzuki GSX-R750 sport bike

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