Motorcycle clothing is a safety must! Important apparel information...

Motorcycle clothing is a must if your going to take riding serious. Hundreds of motorcycle accident's happen each year and the gear saves lives, not to mention helmet protection is the law. Certain gear pertains to certain bikes. You wouldn't wear chest armor that is for motocross, on a cruiser bike. So lets take a look at each bikers specific motorcycle clothing and apparel needs..

dirt bike helmet Motocross Helmets are the main basic piece of any motorcycle safety apparel. It is required by law in every state to be worn when out riding. Your head is the most vulnerable part of the body to suffer the most during an accident. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs.

Red Racing Helmet

Full Faced Modular Helmets provide ultimate protection for your head when riding in the streets. Plus provide a cool feature when opened click on the helmet to see its unique design!

dirt bike goggles.

Goggles are the next thing you want to look at after choosing what helmet fits your needs, especially if is for motocross, or atv.. Goggles prevent debris from getting into your eyes. You never want to get anything in your eyes when in movement in case you need to make a sudden turn. Flying debris are all ways in the air when riding with other motorist. Do not ever assume wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes. Proper eyewear will protect you from the debris that will get in your eyes from the sides..

Dirt bike gloves.

Motorcycle Gloves or motocross gloves protect your hands from flying rocks, and bush branches, but also reduce vibration through the handle bars when riding. Making it ultimately a much smoother ride.

Dirt bike chest armor.

Chest protectors are essential piece of motorcycle clothing and riding gear. It will not only help with rocks that could hit you in the chest, but help in-case your vehicle were to ever land on top of you! Serious injury may occur if this happens, helping reducing the chance of injury from getting crushed or punctured. Many atv riders make the biggest mistake of thinking it is only for dirt bike riders..

2009 Thor motocfross jacket

Thor's finest motorcycle clothing has been redesigned. The Ride Jacket utilizes a seam sealed 100% waterproof outer shell with a Hipora membrane that’s breathable yet waterproof for all day riding comfort. The rugged denier nylon outer shell is durable and has plenty of ventilation flaps to prevent overheating when your body really starts working hard. Ballistic nylon panels are added in all high wear areas for additional abrasion resistance and the ample storage pockets keep everything you need in place.

Motocross pants.

Shift's most technical pant, the Core pant provides comfort, fit, protection, and durability. Every detail has been refined and reworked to create the finest motorcycle clothing on the planet. Many innovative features have been poorly copied by competitors, but nothing can stand up to the real Core pant. Used and endorsed by top riders in all areas of riding: Motocross, Freestyle, and Off-road, the Core pant sets the standard for others to follow. Built with the finest materials and craftsmanship, the Core pant is engineered to perform under the most demanding conditions.

motocross elbow accessories.

Elbow protectors serves the same purpose as the chest protector but for your arms. Think of it as a extension piece of the chest armor. Falling onto the ground will help prevent you from a possible broken arm, including scrapes and bruises from rocks and gravel..

Dirt bike boots.

Motocross boots make a more comfortable ride, for better shock absorption and protection in any crash. Personally I would never ride without them, simply from the heat that comes off of the motor by your legs! Click on the link above to find out more information on motorcycle boots..

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