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Dirt bike sports gaining popularity quickly...

The origins of Supercross..

Dirt bike sports were originally a spin off of another sport called Motocross. Moto-cross being a derivative word of French, was basically, cross country racing on motorcycles. It was then introduced in the United States in the mid 60's to later form what is now Supercross. Edison Dye founded the idea to help bring the best riders from Europe to help show off the sport. Motocross grew immensely in the U.S. Finally when it had crowned its first five time world Motocross champion Roger De Coster. Roger's pzazz had him a fan favorite that sparked a nu-once of riders that shared the spotlight Bengt Aberg, Torsten Hallman, Joel Robert,.. The European riders during the 70's always seemed to have an edge over the U.S. competition, wins almost always resulting in every match. The first World Motocross Championship Grand Prix, was finally won by the Americans in 1973, by Jim Pomeroy. With different types of dirt bike classes ranging from 250cc-500cc motored events, the U.S. winning circle grew including their fans. Americans fell in love with Motocross, changing into what we know of today as

Supercross.. The tables have turned, thanks to the (AMA) American Motorcycle Association, it had matured into something on an em-ens level. Bringing some European riders to America to compete in the AMA National Series. This spawning into two major events, the AMA National Motocross series, that has a 12 round stretch across the USA, and the FIM World Motocross Grand Prix series, that has 15 round stretch all over the world.

Then came what more spectaters in the U.S. are familiar with dirt bike events, was Supercross. Has all the same riders, only the tracks are man made and much shorter, with lots of challenging obstacles, and higher jumps. It is usually displayed and showcased in arenas or coliseums. The first Supercross was held at the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1972 with raining champion Marty Tripes. This helped fans and spectators of Motocross get closer than ever before viewing the events. Instead of traveling to spaced out farm lands over in Euorope, it was instead brought to a arena near you!

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Picture of first Supercross in 1972.

First Supercross held in Los Angeles Coliseum in 1972.

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What motocross has evolved into over the past 25 years...

Dirt bike shredding the turn.

Yamaha dirtbike.

Honda dirtbike CRF-250R

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