What to look for when shopping for ATV wheels and tires..

ATV tires and ATV wheels are one of the most significant parts of the ATV. At the time of their discovery, they used to possess balloon tires, but today ATV tires are heavy possessing deep treads and low pressure, which is approximately less than 10 pounds per square inch. These features of a tire enable to have a clutch on the road which will further help in traveling across the terrains like forests and wetlands with an ease and comfort. The right amount of air pressure results with a lot less chance of blow outs damaging the actual ATV wheels.

Composition of ATV tire:

The main components of an ATV tire are belts, are the carcass, and the inner lining. 1. The belts are composed of a series of steel, polyester, nylon, or Kevlar coated with the layers of rubber.2. The main part of the tire is carcass, which is composed of wire beads and body plies.3. The inner lining of a tire is composed of compounded rubber, which forms the inner side of a tubeless tire.

The ATV tire construction possesses two different types: bias-ply and radial designs. In case of bias-ply tires, the tires are composed of textile cords such as nylon or Kevlar whereas the radial tires are composed of reinforced-steel cable belts that are coated with rubber.

These two different types of constructions possess their own features influencing their performance. For example, the sipes are present over the surface of the tires in such a manner, so that the ATV can easily navigate across muddy, snowy, or wet surfaces.

How to buy ATV tires:

Picture of atv tire. Picture of ATV front tire.

Picture of a ATV rear tire Picture of a ATV rear tire

There are few things that should be kept in mind before buying the ATV tires. For example, you should look at the type of the tire, its width and the ratio of the tire in terms of its height to the weight. You should also look at its construction, wheel diameter, load index, and speed rating of the tire.

The negatives of ATV tires:

The tires of the ATV are strong and can easily navigate through any type of land surfaces (icy, wet, rocky, etc.), but possess one major disadvantage of smashing out the things which come in their way.

For example, the tires of ATV because of their heaviness dig out the channels, which drain out the waterlogged areas in forests. They also destroy the flimsy plants which are necessary over the deserts and beaches in order to prevent the sand dunes from getting eroded. They also destroy the layers of snow on the snowy surface.

ATV wheels and information:

Pictures of atv rear wheel. Pictures of ATV wheels.

The ATV wheel is a rim made of metal composites or pure metal that is meant for use on any all-terrain vehicle. The wheels propel your vehicle forward using an axle and they are protected by tires that withstand passing through terrains that are sandy, muddy, and rocky. Having the right wheels allow you to make the most of driving your ATV and be confident in letting it pass through any type of road. Here is an ATV wheel guide to help you achieve those benefits.

The size of the wheel should have the same diameter as the tires and they are usually 12"x8" at the back 12"x6" on the front. We'll also discuss the kinds of wheels you can choose for your ATV in this ATV wheel guide. Here are your options.

Metal: The most common and standard type of ATV wheel comprised of 2-piece materials made of aluminum and steel that are welded to the center. Metal wheels have a diameter of 10 to 12 inches and you have to be careful with them since they easily bend upon landing from 30-foot jumps, when rocks hit them, or if you get a flat tire. When that happens, you need to replace them.

Composite: More durable than metal are composite wheels that can resist fatigue and absorb more energy. Aside from that, they are lighter and last longer because they are flexible. Glass and carbon fiber mix make up these composite ATV wheels.

Choose the right wheel:

To conclude this ATV wheel guide, choose something that is resistant to rust to avoid fast corrosion. If you have metal wheels, replace them immediately once they bend. Just make sure to buy high quality ones if you are replacing them so you can also upgrade your ATV.

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