2009 Yamaha dirt bikes and information..


Changes to Yamaha dirt bikes the 450 YZF are similar to the 250, with the following exceptions: No changes to the exhaust, tires or suspension units. Instead the big news is, drum roll, the number of stator mounting points have increased from three to four! Okay, nothing revolutionary there, but first and third gear shift fork bars are 4mm longer to improve shifts between second and third.

After that the revisions are essentially identical to the 250F, with a new swingarm and linkage, rear hub and top triple clamp. Also modified is the clutch lever assembly, front brake hose holder, gold chain and seat surface.In 2005 the 2-stroke YZs made up 50% of Yamaha's dirt bike sales. Now the little smokers account for less than a quarter of the marque's off-road numbers. The evaporation of the 2-stroke market has contributed to Yamaha's recent drop in dirt bike sales, but unlike many of the other off-road manufacturers - some having dropped 2-strokes altogether - the Tuning Fork label remains on three YZ buzzers.

Little has changed to the YZ lineup, with the YZ85 just getting new graphics. The YZ125 and 250 received upgrades mirroring their 4-stroke counterparts: the new aluminum brake hose holder, D.I.D. gold chain and new seat cover pattern. Both Yamaha dirt bikes are now fitted with the same D742FA Dunlop front utilized on the YZ450F, with the 125 also getting a lighter (200 grams - 0.44 lbs) Dunlop D756G rear tire.

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