Suzuki sport bikes making a return..

Introducing GSX-R 750 Suzuki sport bikes. With the most powerful, efficient and cleanest running 750cc four stroke production engine Suzuki has ever produced. A new cast-aluminum-alloy frame. Exciting new bodywork with increased aerodynamics. An advanced engine management and fuel injection system with adjustable on-the-fly mapping. Fully adjustable high-performance suspension, and radial-mount brakes.

Delivering open-class racetrack performance in a middleweight-sized package. It’s as if the talented team of engineers responsible for the Suzuki sport bikes GSX-R750 designed a sport bike with street equipment like lights, instruments and a horn and mirrors. Which makes it more obvious what the Suzuki GSX-R 750 2008 really is not just a true race replica of the original Suzuki sports bikes, it is simply reborn!

Electronic fuel injection system features Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) system - with dual fuel injectors per cylinder and new compact 8 hole, fine spray injectors for improved fuel atomization. S-DMS engine management system allows the rider to choose from three engine settings to match riding conditions with a handlebar mounted switch

Under deceleration the back torque limiting clutch reduces pressure on the clutch plates for smoother downshifting and corner entry. Aluminum clutch cover and oil pan feature internal ribs for increased rigidity and reduced engine noise. Suzuki sport bikes idle Speed Control (ISC) system for improved cold starting, consistent idle quality and reduced emissions High volume Suzuki Advanced Exhaust System (SAES) with an innovative under engine chamber leading to a large volume muffler with a distinctly shaped triangular silencer

Hydraulic cam chain tension-er automatically adjusts while reducing noise and mechanical losses. Ignition coil outer diameter is smaller for reduced weight and the starter motor uses new rare earth magnets for a compact lightweight design 32 bit ECM features 1024 kilobytes of ROM for maximum engine performance working in conjunction with the new S-DMS engine management system Compact 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine designed for optimum combustion efficiency and maximum power delivery!

Chasis features

The 2009 GSX-R750 features a sharp and aggressive look utilizing a bold new headlight design, angular tail section and compact overall layout. Electronically controlled steering damper uses a solenoid valve to move a tapered needle reducing or increasing oil flow to adjust damping force. Lightweight cast aluminum wheels featuring an angled spoke design for improved rigidity, reduced unsprung weight and improved acceleration. Inverted 41mm Showa cartridge front forks are fully adjustable for high and low speed compression, spring preload, and rebound damping Radial mount four piston front brake calipers works with 310mm front brake rotors and a radial pump front brake master cylinder'09 GSX-R750 fuel tank features an innovative design and fuel capacity is 4.5 gallons.

Suzuki sport bikes lightweight frame is built entirely of aluminum alloy castings and is engineered to deliver optimum rigidity, unmatched accuracy and maximum cornering performance.A braced aluminum alloy swing-arm features a large 22mm swing-arm pivot and is designed for optimum rider feel and maximum rear wheel traction.

Innovative rear suspension linkage utilizes a forged aluminum alloy link and a forged aluminum link rod that reduces side loads and helps the rear shock absorber move in a smooth arc.Showa 41mm aluminum alloy rear shock with a 16mm rod diameter are fully adjustable for high and low speed compression, spring preload and rebound damping for maximum rider control.

Three way adjustable foot-pegs now feature die-cast construction and can be moved into three different positions with a 14mm horizontal and vertical range. Compact, lightweight instrument cluster features a step motor controlled analog tachometer, LCD speedometer, dual trip meters, clock and a convenient gear position indicator..

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