MotorScooters, ElectricScooters, and their fuel efficiency ..

MotorScooters, Electric Scooters are designed to provide economical relatively safe transportation. They also require only minimal licensing requirements. Motor scooters are typically restricted to 30 mph, and are often popular with younger people due to the legal driving age. Driving age requirements for a Motor scooters, is lower than for driving a car, or large motorcycle. Riding along with mopeds follows the same rules as motorcycles, however being smaller it is harder to see them on the road. Mopeds should be equipped with reflectors and other accessions to make it more visible. Yamaha makes cheap mopeds including Honda..

Picture of a Yamaha Zuma.

One of which is called the Zuma! Mopeds are already pretty affordable but if you know how to look you can find very cheap mopeds that are used. Consider how long it's been used, and figure out how it could affect you later down the road if it will need further repairs. How much will that cost? You also save on gas, and in this economy every little helps!

picture of a scooter.

MotorScooters,ElectricScooters get great gas mileage and are convenient, easy to drive and store. They are great for short distant driving and their are a lot to choose from out on the market. The main laws for having a moped are 1. Engine power: they cannot exceed a certain output. In most states it's 50cc. 2. Brake power: the limit is usually below 3.0 horse power. Lastly number 3. Top speed: should not exceed 30 mph. They are not allowed on interstate highways. Three easy things to remember before heading out and enjoying the road!

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