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Honda dirt bikes represents speed, power and maneuverability (making it obvious why they are the top-sellers). Quality is its ultimate trademark, however, and a Honda dirt bikes never fails to please. And, with a wide range of choices, you are sure to find one tailored for your racing style--whether professional or amateur, you will see and feel the difference of the bikes. It's not just riding or racing; it becomes the ultimate experience!

Honda is a name that summons respect in the biking world, though no one would have guessed that from its dubious beginnings and low sales. When Soichiro Honda opened the first store in Los Angeles in 1959, the reception was tepid at best. The American people were already devoted to their Harley's and Triumphs. Honda tried, in vain, for that first year to sell his products, but was only able to come up with 1700 units. The American marketrefused to let him in.

Overseas, however, things were different. In Japan, Honda was the number one selling bike (an estimated 500,00 units sold). Throughout Europe, the bikes were starting to win races and garner attention. Honda was the top-player.

But, in America, they were nothing: just funny looking bikes that didn't seem powerful enough to fit the image motorcycles had crafted.

All of that was about to change.

Soichiro was not about to give up on the American and decided to change the perceptions linked to bikes. They were no longer for hulking men with beards and dirty leather jackets; they were for anyone who just wanted a ride around town.

Honda began a campaign of happiness, blanketing the market with everyday men and woman riding his bikes, all grinning and cheerful. The result was a new way to look at bikes--Honda's were seen as the better choice, the every-man choice.

They've remained that way ever since.

And the reason they've remained on top? They offer great selection and great quality.

Now, if you're purchasing one of your first Honda dirt bikes , you need to see which part of that great selection works best for you. There are many bikes to choose from and you want to pick perfection. So, first decide what it is you intend to do-are you looking to start racing professionally, or are you just wanting something solid to ride the trails with? Whatever your situation, there is a Honda dirt bike built for you..

CRF 250 R Honda dirt bike.

CRF250R (4-stroke): Extremely lightweight and fast, this is a 250cc with a four-stroke and is already being hailed as the bike to beat in competition. Its price tag is affordable, being set at $6,199.

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