Information on 2009 Honda sportsbike, CRB 600RR

The CBR 1000RR is Honda sportsbike lightest, most compact, and best performing motorcycle in its class, making it the standard against which all other liter-bikes are measured. And for 2009, it's available with Honda's high-tech, electronically controlled Combined ABS for the ultimate in sport bike braking performance. Honda's patented, electronically controlled Combined ABS delivers the benefits of Combined Braking System (CBS) and the benefits of Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). With all the success the of the 2007 & 2008 Honda CBR 600RR, there is quite an anticipation to see what the new generation is going to bring to the table. The 07/08 CBR 600RR was unanimously voted as the "best middle weight sports bike" by every magazine on the planet. As an owner of a 2007 CBR 600RR I can tell you that it is truly a work of art, and a giant of race engineering. Having a reputation like that will dominate much fanfare and even greater expectation. Bringing the Honda sportbike CBR 600RR, to a whole other level!

ondas sportsbike  picture of 2009 Honda CBR 600RR

Honda sportsbike creators like most other motorcycle companies remain secretive about their up coming releases, they keep everything under wraps almost until the day of release, then suddenly bombard you with all the new info you need to know.

..But here is what we know thus far-

ABS, yup that's right! It's not just for your car any more, like much of the advances we see on our modern street bikes, this is another trickle down gift from HRC ( Honda sportsbike MotoGp Team). The new ABS system will be an option for the new 2009 line of CBR's and it will add 21 lbs. of weight to the over all to Hondas new CBR 600RR bike. That is quite a bit of weight to add to a bike, but you also have to keep in mind that the Honda sportsbike CBR 600RR is the lightest 600cc Honda sportsbike out there, by almost 40 lbs. So it will still be considerably lighter than its competition even with the new ABS system. The new ABS system is going to work in conjunction with "fly by wire" technology that was originally developed for military jets. That means in essence that all the actually braking for is going to be generated from the bike itself. The bike with sense brake level input from he rider, and transmit that signal to a hydraulic pump which in turn with engage the brake calipers. Another aspect of the system that the computer controls is rear to front braking delivery ratio. With the new system, when ever the rear brake is applied, the computer will relay information, and will also engage the front brakes as well. This is only the case when applying pressure to the rear brake, and this is done and controlled completely by the computer on the bike. The computer controls two power units, one at the front, one at the rear. It detects how the wheel is spinning under braking while how much force is being exerted on the brakes through the hydraulic lines through a couple of valve/sensor setups, and uses the power units to control the valves to apply as much braking pressure can be applied without actually locking up the wheels. Honda's has stated that there will be an internal override switch, and that when the is not running the brakes revert back to a conventional hydraulic system. Making this one of the best Honda sportsbike ever built!

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