Information on Go-karts and Buggies..

Ever since Go-Karts and motorized vehicles were invented, many a child has probably dreamed of driving their very own motorized vehicle, or Go-Kart. In fact, even before the term go karts probably came into common use, many a child (and adult too!) has probably dreamed of building their own transportation from scrap parts and an old lawnmower engine and then speeding along with the wind blowing in their face and hair at speeds that feel like 80mph (but was probably more like 20mph)! In reality, many early contraptions were probably built out of wood and didn't even have an engine. Later, as small engines become more available, the self propelled power probably began to replace gravity power (or "kid pushing" power).

Engine swapping:

There are quite a few choices out there when it comes to powering a go cart. If you build your own go kart (or if you are modifying an existing Go-Kart for more power) and need to choose a motor, then be sure to ask yourself some basic questions before you make your final decision. There are quite a few different off the shelf motors sold specifically for go kart use. Tecumseh offers a good selection in various horsepower ratings. However, keep in mind that some of these will only have an aluminum cylinder bore. Steel piston rings rubbing against a softer aluminum bore will not last very long. They are not designed for longevity. For occasional use, they might last a while, but for heavy usage they may not hold up very well over a long period of time. The larger models will often come with a cast iron cylinder sleeve for longer life. Some equipped with electric start and also an alternator to power lights and charge a battery.